Streaming: From Textile to Clay - Artist Reception

  • 10 Sep 2011
  • 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Keiko Gallery - 121 Charles Street, Boston
Streaming: From Textile to Clay
Rozome by Fukumoto Shigeki
Porcelain by Fukumoto Fuku

Artist Reception
September 10th
3:00~6:00 pm

KEIKO Gallery

121 Charles Street, Boston

Fukumoto Shigeki is Kyoto's internationally renowned rozome (wax-resist dying) artist and educator. As a leading exponent in the rich field of Japanese textile art, Fukumoto Shigeki has contributed substantially to elevating the art of textile dyeing to an exciting avant garde form of image making.

His daughter, FUKUMOTO Fuku is a promising young ceramic artist who has received multiple awards for her work. A unique harmony between thin and sharp shapes with delicate patterns is her signature style.

Individually they have had numerous exhibitions in Japan internationally foreign countries, however this is their first duo exhibition as father and daughter.

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