The Japan Society of Boston is delighted to be honoring Yoshihiro Takishita and his wonderful work of preserving classic Japanese farmhouses!

Yoshihiro Takishita has been acclaimed in Japan and abroad as a master of the preservation and reconstruction of traditional Japanese farmhouses and other forms of rural architecture. Born in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture in 1945, he graduated with a law degree from Waseda University in 1967. While still a college student, he learned of a centuries-old farmhouse (minka) near his birthplace that was threatened with destruction by the construction of a local reservoir. Impressed by the dignity of the structure, he arranged to have the house moved to a site in Kamakura, where it was rebuilt as a home for his American foster father. In the same building he established The House of Antiques, where he sells furniture, ceramics, screens and other fine Japanese works of art. After enthusiastic clients praised the reconstructed farmhouse in Kamakura and urged him to build more, he began rebuilding and renovating other traditional farmhouses, transforming them into beautiful inns, restaurants, and private residences. His work has been acclaimed in Architectural Digest and other design magazines, as well as in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and other international media.

Please join us in honoring Mr. Takishita at this year's Annual Dinner

If you are unable to attend the Annual Dinner, but would like to place a message to Mr. Takishita
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