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Central Japan Railway Internship

March 1, 2024 at 5:00:00 PM


Baltimore, MD & Japan

About the Event:

From the Northeast Maglev website:

In a collaboration between Northeast Maglev and Central Japan Railway, the two companies are excited to announce a new program offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunity summer internships for Baltimore-Washington area college students to experience Japan from inside the company that introduced the world to high-speed trains. This year, two students will be selected to spend two weeks in Tokyo, Japan learning about Central Japan Railway’s various business aspects and Japanese culture.

The Northeast Maglev is a 100% US-owned company, headquartered in Maryland, and committed to promoting the deployment of the revolutionary SCMAGLEV to the Northeast Corridor, the most congested transportation region in the country. The Central Japan Railway Company is the main railway company operating in the Chūbu region of central Japan. JR Central is a publicly traded, private train operator in Japan, and is the owner and operator of the SCMAGLEV system in Japan. Though JR Central will not operate the SCMAGLEV system in the US, it does provide vital technical advice to help advance the deployment of the SCMAGLEV system in the US. JR Central operates the Tokaido Shinkansen “bullet train” between Tokyo and Osaka, the safest and most traveled high-speed rail line in the world. This operation carries 150 million people every year with an annual average delay of just 30 seconds per operational train.


JRC has invited 2 students the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. region, to join their Summer Internship Program in 2024.


  • June 3 – 13 (Virtual – evening sessions)

  • July 15 – 19 (Baltimore, Md.)

  • July 22 – August 2 (Tokyo, Japan)

  • August 5 – 9 (Baltimore, Md.)

  • Applications due Friday, March 1, 2024


  • Tokyo, Japan

  • Baltimore, Maryland

  • Virtual

  • The majority of the internship will take place at the JR Central Headquarters above the JR Tokaido Shinkansen Shinagawa Station.

  • Lodging will be provided by JRC.

  • Interns will be provided tickets or a commuter pass for train rides to other stations/locations as needed while in Japan.


  • An estimated 40 hours per week during in-person internship portions

Primary Internship Duties

Interns will get an overview of the JR Central business, rotating through the various departments throughout the program. There will be students from several U.S. universities participating in this program. The program includes the following components:

  • Lectures: To understand company overview and several departments (Marketing Division, Personnel Department, Affiliated Business Promotion Division, JRC Subsidiaries, etc.).

  • Site visits: To observe major company facilities including subsidiary and other companies (Shinkansen driver cabin, General Control Center, Workshop, train manufacturers, affiliated hotels etc.).

  • Practical case study at stations: To experience company’s actual front-line services.

  • Projects: Some projects will be assigned based on intern interests and company needs (past examples include marketing plans to English speaking clients for JR hotels and regression analysis of bullet train ridership vs. domestic air travel).

  • Reports: Each weekend, a report must be submitted to the International Department of JR Central (sentiments about training, suggestions to the company, etc.).

  • Final presentation: A final presentation will be held to summarize the internship program and present on project(s).

  • Updates will be provided to Northeast Maglev to be shared on the web and social media platforms.


  • Openness to other cultures and ways of doing things.

  • Continuing student (returning to campus or graduating abroad with department approval).

  • Willingness to adapt to the international work environment.

  • Good interpersonal skills to work well with others in different cultures and languages.

  • Interest in the region & culture of internship location.

  • Organizational, time management, and problem-solving skills.

  • Interest in transportation/high speed rail and international business.

  • Have a specific theme you wish to research during internship period.

  • Respect for cultural differences.


This is considered an UNPAID internship, however, JR Central will provide:

  • Housing and group function meals.

  • Weekday transportation for work purposes.

  • A local Japanese insurance plan.

Northeast Maglev will provide funds for:

  • Economy Class airfare.

  • A stipend of USD $1000 to cover ancillary expenses.

Application Requirements

The applicant must hold a valid passport that is current through the duration of the internship.

  • Letter of Interest/Cover Letter

  • Resume

  • Scan of passport photo page (upon acceptance)

  • Student record (unofficial transcript)

  • A no more than 500-word essay describing why you are interested in the program and how you could apply the knowledge to your post-graduation professions/plans

  • Applications due Friday, March 1, 2024

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