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おうちごはん! (Ouchigohan) Miso Ramen

April 1, 2023 at 9:00:00 PM



About the Event:

Join us as we cook along with Table for Two’s innovative food program, Wa-Shokuiku: Learn. Cook. Eat Japanese!, and make simple, healthy, homestyle Japanese food to enjoy with friends and family.

Let’s Make Healthy, Simple and Delicious Ramen!

Ramen is one of the most popular noodle dishes in Japan. Originally from China, Japanese ramen has taken the noodle game to new heights. Learn how to make flavorful and healthy Miso ramen as well as tasty toppings with vegetables and ground pork (or chicken, beef, or tofu), the famous oozy ramen egg, and a refreshing Hakusai (Napa Cabbage) Salad that will complete the meal!

The ingredient list will be provided to registrants a few days before the event.

NAJAS friends can enter their Society-provided code at checkout for a discounted rate.

Debra Samuels

Debra Samuels is lead curriculum and recipe developer for Wa-Shokuiku, cookbook author, cooking teacher, and 2020 recipient of the John E. Thayer III Award for Outstanding Contributions to Cultural Exchange Between the United States and Japan.

Debra Samuels
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