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おうちごはん!(Ouchigohan) - Fruits Sando

April 21, 2024 at 9:00:00 PM



About the Event:

Japanese Home Cooking with Table for Two in Georgia, Boston, Houston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Colorado, Indiana, and North Carolina

$10 Members / $15 Non-members

JSB Members use code: BOSTON

Hosted online via Zoom

(Ingredient list will be provided a few days before the event)

About the Event:

Join us for the April edition of the family-friendly online Japanese home cooking class series おうちごはん!Ouchigohan! – Japanese Home Cooking and cook along or just watch from your own kitchen! On the menu this month is Fruits Sando!

Is it a dessert? Is it a sandwich? It’s both! It’s Fruits Sando, the famous Japanese edible work of art.  A kaleidoscope of fruit, strawberries, orange, kiwi and bananas, is arranged on pillows of homemade whipped cream and sandwiched between pieces of fluffy bread.  Sliced at a precise angle and you get a gorgeous cross section of delicious fresh fruit.  Join this family friendly activity and learn how to make fresh whipped cream and how to select and place the fruit to maximum effect when cut. 

These delightful treats can be served for snacks, instead of birthday cake, or at brunch. 

About the Instructor: 

Debra Samuels leads the program content and curriculum development of TABLE FOR TWO USA’s Japanese inspired food education program, “Wa- Shokuiku: Learn. Cook. Eat Japanese!”

She was a food writer and contributor to the Food Section of The Boston Globe and has authored two cookbooks: “My Japanese Table,” and “The Korean Table.” She curated the exhibit, “Obento and Built Space: Japanese Boxed Lunch and Architecture,” at the Boston Architectural College (2015) and co-curated “Objects of Use and Beauty: Design and Craft in Japanese Culinary Tools,” at the Fuller Craft Museum (2018). Debra also worked as a program coordinator and an exhibition developer at the Japanese department of the Boston Children's Museum (1992-2000).

Debra has lived in Japan, all together, for 12 years and specializes in Japanese cuisine. She travels around the country and abroad teaching hands on workshops on obento, the Japanese lunchbox. During Covid 19 she is teaching live online cooking programs to youth and adults.

The Japan Society of Boston is pleased to work with our friends at The Japan-America Society of HoustonThe Japan-America Society of GeorgiaThe Japan-America Society of Washington DCThe Japan-America Society of Greater Philadelphia, The Japan America Society of Colorado, Japan-American Society of Indiana, and The Japan America Society of North Carolina in this special installment of the family-friendly cooking series おうちごはん!Ouchigohan! - Japanese Home Cooking with TABLE FOR TWO USA, part of the innovative food education program, Wa-Shokuiku: Learn. Cook. Eat Japanese!, where participants make simple, healthy, homestyle Japanese food to enjoy with friends and family. This Ouchigohan event is part of #EdamameChamp, TABLE FOR TWO USA’s annual campaign to promote healthy eating through Japanese cuisine focusing on SOY.

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