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Beyond the Blade: Japanese Knife Craftsmanship

March 5, 2024 at 11:00:00 PM



About the Event:

Kentaro Hoshiba is a fourth generation blacksmith whose family has been supporting fishing and farming villages in Noto, Ishikawa, Japan since the Meiji period by polishing and selling knives. Their company Fukube Kaji Corp. began in 1901 as traveling knife peddlers, selling and maintaining the vital everyday tools of housewives, farmers, and fishermen. Today they keep the tradition of knife polishing services alive through "Pochisupa," their unique mail-in knife sharpening service, now with the help of online shipping. They are also currently working to expand business to the U.S. and launch their own knives, the Shinbu and Tafu.

Fukube Kaji and other companies are supported by Bunkei Corp., a consulting firm that aims to continue the culture of traditional Japanese craftsmanship into the 22nd century by providing guidance and resources to aid the transition into the modern age.

Our speakers will not only teach us about the precise art of Japanese knife making, but will also share about their traditions, companies, and current activities in Japan.

This is a free hour-long presentation with Q&A hosted on Zoom.

Fukube Kaji Corp. website 

Bunkei Corp. website 

If you are interesting in supporting relief efforts following the January 1, 2024 earthquake, please donate to Fukube Kaji Corp. earthquake recovery fund.

About The Speakers:

Kentaro Hoshiba is CEO of Fukube Kaji Corporation. He was born is 1980 in Noto of Ishikawa prefecture in Japan. After graduating from a university in Kyoto, he moved back to his hometown and started to work for a town hall. Now he is continuing his family business which has been active for more than 100 years as a fourth generation knife artisan. He is passionate about promoting growth in his hometown of Noto through his knife business with production not only in Japan but overseas as well.  

Yukimune Oji is the CEO of Bunkei Corp. He was born in 1990 in Numazu of Shizuoka Prefecture. After graduating from Kyoto University, he worked at Mitsubishi corporation, later becoming the general manager at SkymatiX, their remote sensing company while also working as Chief Strategy Officer at Funadomari Fishery Corp. Oji speaks English, Spanish, and Turkish along with his native Japanese, and he has traveled to all 47 prefectures in Japan, and visited over 50 countries. 

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