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The Art of Kintsugi

December 11, 2023 at 11:00:00 PM



About the Event:

Kintsugi is the traditional Japanese practice of repairing broken pottery with urushi lacquer and metal powder, transforming it into something even more beautiful than before. Unlike many restoration techniques that work to hide the damage, this technique embraces the “imperfections” and highlights the life of the object.

During this online presentation by Kintsugi artist Tatsuya Murao of Kintsugi Boston, we will explore the history and philosophy of kintsugi, the dying art of urushi lacquer harvest, and briefly demonstrate the repair process.

This is a free, hour-long presentation with Q&A hosted on Zoom. 

Please check out Kintsugi Boston on Instagram:

Tatsuya Murao

"My name is Tatsuya (Tad) Murao, and I am the proud owner of Kintsugi Boston. We specialize in traditional kintsugi repairs, including workshops and commissions. I discovered my love for kintsugi last year when I was laid off and struggling to find a new career path. My wife took me to a kintsugi workshop for fun during our vacation in her hometown of Kyoto, and I’ve been hooked ever since."

Tatsuya Murao

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