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The Harvard Film Archive presents OZU 120: THE COMPLETE OZU YASUJIRO (6/9-8/13)

June 9, 2023 at 11:00:00 PM


Harvard Film Archive
24 Quincy Street Cambridge, MA 02138

About the Event:

OZU 120, a complete retrospective of the Japanese director and screenwriter’s extant work, commemorating both the 120th anniversary of his birth and 60th anniversary of his death, will run at the Harvard Film Archive from June 9th through August 13th.

Presented by the Harvard Film Archive and Shochiku, in partnership with the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies and the Japan Foundation, this complete Ozu Yasujiro retrospective offers the rare opportunity to see all of Ozu’s extant films screened on 35mm, select screenings will feature live musical accompaniment.

Five new prints were created for this occasion as the first installment of a multi-year partnership with Shochiku to create a legacy 35mm collection at the HFA, a partnership that will be celebrated with a special event in September. Seen together, Ozu's impressive oeuvre demonstrates the industrial method of a prolific artist who distilled cinema to its most essential elements over three decades of filmmaking.

Full schedule:


6/9 7PM Late Spring

6/10 7PM Tokyo Story

6/11 3PM Late Spring

7PM I Was Born, But...

6/12 7PM Early Summer

6/16 7PM Passing Fancy

6/17 7PM Dragnet Girl

6/18 3PM Tokyo Story

7PM A Story of Floating Weeds

6/19 7PM Days of Youth

6/23 7PM The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice

6/24 7PM Record of a Tenement Gentleman

9PM The Munekata Sisters

6/25 3PM There Was a Father

7PM A Hen in the Wind

6/26 7PM Early Spring

6/30 7PM The Munekata Sisters


7/1 7PM Walk Cheerfully

9PM The Only Son

7/7 7PM Floating Weeds

7/8 7PM Good Morning

9PM Record of a Tenement Gentleman

7/9 3PM Equinox Flower

7PM That Night's Wife

7/10 7PM Good Morning

7/14 7PM Woman of Tokyo

9PM Tokyo Chorus

7/15 7PM The Only Son

9PM There Was a Father

7/16 3PM Floating Weeds

7PM An Inn in Tokyo

7/17 7PM Late Autumn

7/21 7PM Tokyo Twilight

7/22 7PM The Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family

7/23 3PM Tokyo Twilight

7PM The Lady and the Beard

7/24 7PM I Flunked, But...

7/28 7PM Late Autumn

7/29 7PM A Mother Should Be Loved

9PM A Hen in the Wind

7/30 3PM Early Summer

7PM What Did the Lady Forget?

7/31 7PM Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth?


8/4 7PM The End of Summer

8/5 7PM An Autumn Afternoon

8/6 3PM The End of Summer

7PM Tokyo-Ga

8/7 7PM Early Spring

8/11 7PM Café Lumière

8/12 7PM Tokyo Story

8/13 7PM An Autumn Afternoon

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