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JSB Private Events

Looking to bring a dose of Japan to your next event? The Japan Society of Boston is committed to helping arrange private events that promote Japanese arts and culture throughout Greater Boston. These events can range from coordinating an origami workshop, to hosting a screening of a classic Japanese film, to throwing a birthday party centered around making Japanese food!

JSB can accommodate a range of clients including public libraries, schools, festivals, corporate employee workshops, private social club events, and private parties.

Pricing for private events is negotiable based on the type and scope of event. Please fill out the inquiry form below to coordinate an event with JSB and learn more about our cultural workshops below. You can also reach out to us at [email address] if you would like to learn more about the different types of events we have hosted in the past!​​

Private Events Application

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Learn the basics of origami, one of the most popular traditional Japanese crafts, with JSB! We offer private workshops that give an overview on the history of the art form and provide instructions on how to create a handful of the most popular origami creations, such as [               ]. Each workshop includes a presentation, as well as materials for participants to use.

Pricing is flexible based on the scope of your event.


Make a delicious snack or two in the form of onigiri! Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball that is made by shaping a serving of white rice into a triangle around a filling of your choice. Some popular options include salmon, bonito flakes, and umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum).

JSB can help you coordinate a workshop for your group by providing the ingredients kits as well as instructions.

Pricing is negotiable depending on the number of participants.


Decorate paper in a traditional Japanese fashion by learning the art of suminagashi! Roughly translated as “floating ink,” suminagashi is the art of paper marbling where water and ink are used to produce beautiful, cloudy patterns.

Our workshop includes a presentation about the history and origins of suminagashi as well as the materials to create your own versions to take home.

Pricing is flexible based on the scope of your event.

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