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Tetsu Kawakami - Managing Director, Global Sales, Eastern Sales - Japan Airlines

Updated: Apr 5

How long have you been doing business in Boston?

In 2008, I joined the Japan Airlines New York office, where I was responsible for sales in the

Boston area. I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people in Boston by visiting various

schools, the Consulate General of Japan, travel agencies, and companies. Although my visits to Boston have decreased after the opening of our Boston branch in April 2012, I have still been involved through our Boston branch.

What is your connection to Kyoto?

I was born in Kyoto, but I only discovered the sister city relationship between Boston and Kyoto after I began working as a sales representative in the Boston area. Going forward, I hope to be a bridge between these two cities and contribute in any way I can.

What does your company do?

As a global airline, we offer safe and reliable services for both passengers and cargo. Our

primary goal is to ensure safe and timely transportation for our valued customers and their cargo to their respective destinations. Moreover, we aim to enhance customer experience by offering services such as credit card services and agriculture, which in turn helps us maximize the overall value of the JAL Group.

What are the benefits and challenges of working in America?

Before I joined JAL, I worked in sales manager position at two different US airline companies. During my time there, I gained valuable insights into their bold strategies and the use of cutting-edge technology. However, I strongly believe that the attention to detail and customer-centric culture found in Japanese companies, such as Japan Airlines, is a significant strength. Experiencing these cultural differences has been a great benefit of living in the United States, but it also presents its own challenges. Failing to recognize these differences could lead to difficult situations.

What is your favorite thing about Boston?

Boston, like its sister city Kyoto, is a beautiful city with a long history. When I look at Boston's historical buildings and cultural heritage, I feel the same sense of tranquility as when I am in Kyoto. For someone like me, who is based in New York City most of the time, Boston holds a special place as one of my favorite cities. There, I can experience an elegance and refinement unlike any other American city, including New York.

Thank you to Mr. Kawakami and to Japan Airlines, JSB's official airline sponsor.

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