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Reischauer Policy Research Fellow Program


About the Event:

From their website:


We are seeking a Reischauer Policy Research Fellow who will personally assist Dr. Kent Calder, Director of the Reischauer Center, with projects related to the Center’s mission of supporting the study of transpacific and intra-Asian relations. Recent topics include but are not limited to policy best practices in U.S.-Japan relations such as infrastructure, public diplomacy, and public health; the role of cities in global governance; the functioning of Washington’s “idea industry” and government-business relations; global energy security policy; and comparative Eurasian political economy.This year’s fellows finished a three year research project on Eurasian Maritime Geopolitics, which contributed towards an upcoming book by Reischauer Center Director Dr. Kent Calder, to be published in the fall. Fellows during the 2024-2025 academic year will focus primarily on the following:

1. Current developments in US-Japan relations.2. Developments in the US-Japan-ROK trilateral relationship.3. The evolution of embassies as institutions, with a special focus on the US embassy in Tokyo and other relevant case studies in East Asia and beyond.

Fellows also provide logistical support for seminars, luncheons, and conferences offered by the Reischauer Center. They are able to interact with senior researchers affiliated with the Center as part of our Visiting Scholars Program, who typically join us for one academic year from various government agencies in Japan. Furthermore, Fellows are welcome to participate in events in the larger Johns Hopkins SAIS community and are frequently able to attend courses relating to Japan Studies and Asian political economy.

See website for all details.

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