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JSB Internship Program

The purpose of the JSB internship program is to give students and early career professionals an opportunity to be part of the US/Japan network in Boston. Interns will learn about how an NPO office functions, make connections for their future career, and contribute to the work of the Japan Society of Boston.

Internship Service Commitment
Participants in the JSB Internship Program are expected to work approximately 10-15 hours per week during the internship program period. Internships last four months and begin in January, May, and September.  Schedules are arranged with the Managing Director. Weekly staff meetings on an agreed upon day of the week are the only fixed appointment. Interns will track their projects, hours, and work progress.

Work Duties

Participants in the JSB Internship Program work with staff members to design and execute a project of personal interest that aligns with the mission of the Japan Society of Boston. Additional duties may include:

●      Creating content for media and outreach

●      Helping to organize and carry out JSB events with partners

●      Communicating with JSB members about their experience with JSB and encouraging renewals

●      Communicating with area businesses and associations to keep the JSB event calendar current

The Japan Society of Boston accepts interns from any background.


Submit the following by email to Naoko Takayanagi, Director, via

1) Letter of intent describing their fit and reasons for interest in working with the Japan Society of Boston

2) Resume

3) Name, email, and phone number of two professionals familiar with the applicant, willing to speak about the applicant’s likelihood of success as an intern

Schedule and Deadlines
●      Season 1: January - April  |  Due by November 30th midnight

●      Season 2: May - August  |   Due by March 31st midnight

●      Season 3: September - December  |   Due by July 31st midnight


The JSB Internship Program offers a one-time stipend over the internship period.   Two years of JSB membership is given to Interns in gratitude for their service. While JSB can work with campus departments upon request to make the internship service a credit-earning experience, such decisions are at the sole discretion of the college. It is the responsibility of the student or department to formalize these requirements. JSB Interns consistently find their experience to have a long term positive impact on their knowledge, professional network, and careers.

JSB Commitment

The Japan Society of Boston operates with a respectful and dedicated staff who are committed to ensuring that interns succeed during and beyond their internship season. The Managing Director and staff will give ample time to interns to ask questions about how the company operates and be sure that they have sufficient instruction and guidance to accomplish their projects. Also, as noted above, the JSB works with Interns to find projects of mutual benefit rather than just making assignments, though assignments do comprise a portion of the work.


Naoko Takayanagi, Director
Japan Society of Boston
+1 (617) 514-7345

Voices of Former Interns

"My internship with the Japan Society of Boston was an excellent experience that gave me the opportunity to gain experience in program management and planning in a non-profit environment. JSB has a great network and was immensely helpful in launching my career working in international relations." (Intern, Summer 2021)

"The internship with JSB was a valuable opportunity to gain experience in the non-profit sector and its flexibility allowed me to balance the internship with a full-time job. During my time at JSB, I gained insight into the workings of a globally-focused non-profit organization. I had the pleasure of connecting with inspiring individuals in the Boston area and collaborating with dedicated and passionate team members. I am grateful for the growth and development this internship facilitated as I continue to navigate my career and personal journey both in Japan and in the US." (Intern, Fall 2021-Spring 2022)

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