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EF Semester Program: The Voyager


Australia, Thailand, Japan

About the Event:

From their website:

Embrace your adventurous side as you explore the natural wonders of Australia and discover the rich cultures of Thailand and Japan.

Learn about yourself, the world, and yourself in the world as you embark on a 10-week journey navigating three distinct countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Experience the lush environments of Australia, get your hands dirty working on an elephant conservation project in Thailand, and explore the way culture and religion connect in Japan.

Upcoming travel dates:

  • Fall 2024:

    Session 1: September 6–November 15, 2024 - Limited spots remaining

    Session 2: September 16–November 25, 2024

  • Spring 2025: February 5–April 16, 2025

See website for all information.

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