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We Need Your Support

Covid-19 has been a challenge for everyone, and has been for us too. Losing the opportunity to host our Annual Fundraising Gala for two years in a row has put an extra strain on our funding.  Your tax-deductible gift - at any level - can help us continue our high quality programs and events you have come to expect from us.  Please help us reach this year’s goal of $100,000 and help us achieve incredible things!

In addition to using the donation buttons below, you can make your fully tax-deductible gift to the Japan Society of Boston by mailing a check to 50 Milk St, 16F, Boston, MA 02109 or contact us at

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Fund Our Events

Supports new business and cultural programs like the new “匠:  Craftsmanship in Japan” series in 2022

$ 10 – $ 500 USD
Fund Our Language School

Supports new programs in our Language School like the 句会:Haiku Workshop and the Japanese through Pop Music program in 2022

$ 10 – $ 500 USD
Fund our Arts & Culture Endowment

$1000 + USD

Supports our Arts & Culture Endowment which provides a stable source of funding to our future Arts and Culture programs at the Japan Society of Boston.

Or donate via PayPal or DAF Direct:


Special Fall Fundraiser Membership Offer

From 11/15 to 12/15, donate $200 to receive a 1-year membership to the Japan Society of Boston and a signed copy of Asako Serizawa's book Inheritors. We will also send you a video link to a conversation between Serizawa and Susan Napier, Goldthwaite Professor of Rhetoric at Tufts University, where Serizawa discusses the book and her writing process.

Special Membership Offer

This promotion ended on 12/15/21. Thank you for your interest!

Find unique Japanese themed gifts and help support the Japan Society of Boston!

Other Ways to Contribute:

Upcoming Fundraising Events:

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