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Mai "Mia" Okuda - Sales Specialist, Canon Solutions America

How long have you been doing business in Boston?

I came from Japan in 2022 and currently work in New York. We provide expatriate support for Japanese companies (language support during business meetings, troubleshooting, dealing with differences in business practices between Japan and the U.S., etc.), which has received high praise. I started visiting regularly in June 2023 to extend this support to

the Boston area.

What does your company do?

Canon Solutions America was founded in 2013, although predecessors of the company date back to 1971 and provide office MFPs, commercial printing equipment, and document security products. We are in the business of helping organizations of all sizes in all industries find ways to improve sustainability, increase efficiency, and contain costs in conjunction with high-volume, continuous feed, digital, and traditional printing, consulting services, document management, and workflow solutions. We also focus on providing DX-driven solutions and services in response to recent changes in work styles.

We are positioned to provide our customers with the best possible service, with about 120 sales and service locations across the United States (red dots). Beyond these regions, a network of Canon-authorized service companies (blue dots) is available to support the customers, ensuring nationwide technical service coverage.

What are the benefits and challenges of working in America? 

In the U.S., I can get involved with people from various backgrounds, and the speed and scale of work is Next Level compared to Japan. I usually work in New York, but in Boston in particular, there are many medical institutions, research institutes, universities, educational institutions, etc., and I can hear very fresh and informative stories that I had never heard before. These networking opportunities are very exciting for me and my company.

What is your favorite thing about Boston?  

To let everyone know about Canon, I have attended several organizations and events in Boston, including the Japan Society of Boston. I was surprised at how friendly and welcoming everyone was. Many people, as well as businesses, have been in Boston for a long time. There is so much to learn from them. I will continue to work steadily and let everyone know about Canon's products and solutions. I am sure I will see you all reading this somewhere (hopefully at a Japan Society of Boston event)!

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