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Member Highlight: Marie Romano

How long have you been a member of the Japan Society of Boston?

I joined the Japan Society of Boston in September of last year after moving to Cambridge. In addition to being a member, I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work as an intern for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024!

What drew you to JSB?

My past has been heavily defined by my involvement in the Japanese community in my hometown of Austin, Texas. As I waved goodbye to my friends and connections back home in Texas, I wanted to build new relationships with the New England community. Luckily, JSB was looking for an intern, and I applied right away! 

How would you describe yourself and what you're passionate about?

I would describe myself as curious, and that curiosity has led me to tea fields of Japan. Anyone who meets me will soon know that I am very passionate about Japanese tea, and it all started with one cup of matcha when I was 13. In 2018, I ended up being invited to Japan on a TV show (in Japanese) to get an insider-look on tea agriculture in Uji and Wazuka, Japan, and a few years later, I returned back to Wazuka for an intensive 3-month internship. Ever since then, I have been driven to learn more about the fascinating, hidden world of tea. 

Do you have a favorite event or program that you have participated in with JSB?

From the virtual language exchanges to the Boston Japan Festival, there were so many great events that I participated in this past year, but I think the most memorable was the Historic Anniversary Gala. It was inspiring to see all the incredible people who gathered to celebrate the organization, and I felt proud to be a part of such an amazing community. I also really enjoyed preparing and serving tea for attendees at the Boston Japan Festival as it was an opportunity for me to share a part of myself and my own passion for Japanese tea. Some rare tea from Wazuka made its first debut in Boston! 

What about JSB makes it special from other groups within the Boston area?

As I learned more about JSB, I was so impressed to learn how long the organization has been established (120 years is a big deal!). With such a long history behind it, it soon became apparent to me all the fantastic connections the organization has with artists, craftsmen, and professionals both abroad in Japan and locally in the New England area. While the amazing line-up of monthly events definitely caught my attention, it was the kind people behind those events that really made JSB stand out. 

What would you say to somebody who is considering joining JSB?

Go for it! The community behind JSB puts so much time and effort into creating fun, educational, and meaningful events. If you’re interested in learning more about Japanese culture and connecting with amazing people, you’ve found the right place! :) 

Interested in becoming a JSB Member? Click here or reach out to for more details.

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