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US Debut of Japanese Theater Group CALL

For the first time since being founded 23 years ago, the Japanese theater group CALL will come to Boston to make its American performance debut. The group consists of working Japanese mothers, 20 altogether. From November 6th to 10th the group will conduct performances of the play "Three Lucky Charms," an adaptation of a Japanese folktale written by Julia Yermakov. In Boston, CALL will perform at BB&N, Boys and Girls Club of Boston, Arlington Public School and Boston Japanese Language School.

The play "Three Lucky Charms" will be presented using colorful and humorous puppets, some standing over 3 feet in height. The voices for the puppets, as well as sound effects, are all produced in front of the audience, allowing the audience members to enjoy the raw emotions and expressions of the voice actors. Plus, audience members will get an inside glimpse into how such voices and sound effects are produced. The play is accompanied by live keyboard music, which helps create the atmosphere of Japan. Throughout the show, audience members will be invited to sing along with the characters and will be guided in chanting Japanese expressions. The Boston production will include a special prologue, introducing the Japanese folding fan and its use in traditional Japanese performance arts like kabuki.

Julia Yermakov, Writer

“Three Lucky Charms” is an original adaptation of a Japanese folktale written by Julia Yermakov who was born in San Francisco, brought up in Tokyo, and educated at the International School of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo. Her acting career began at Tokyo Disneyland as opening cast, and since then she has starred in plays and musicals in the Tokyo area. In 1984 she was a bilingual reporter for NTV Japanese TV network reporting the summer Olympics from LA, and subsequently reported from around the world with different TV programs using her bilingual skills. She became a freelance narrator and voice actor in 1992. Since 2003 she has become a member of Theater Group CALL, writing, directing, designing props and acting in their plays.

Jun Takahashi, Producer

The producer is Junichi Takahashi, born and raised in Osaka and China. Studied Kabuki, Shakespeare and Comedia del Arte at Waseda and attended UCLA Film School on Fulbright scholarship. Produced over 200 theatrical and television movies in 10 years at Daiei Movie Studio as a line producer. Then he became an independent produce-casting director to work for foreign films shot in Japan and for domestic movies and TV films as well as casting, directing and producing for domestic/International films for over three decades. In the past 10 years he’s enjoyed acting for children as an amateur.

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