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Yoshinori Uda - President & CEO, Ogawa Coffee USA Inc.

How long have you been doing business in Boston?

Ogawa Coffee has been serving the Boston community since May 2015. We proudly

opened our first international shop in the city, bringing our dedication to coffee perfection

from Kyoto, Japan, to the U.S.

What does your company do?

Our company, Ogawa Coffee, is deeply rooted in the art of coffee. Originating from

Kyoto, Japan, since 1952, we specialize in cultivating the finest beans, meticulous roasting,

and serving exceptional coffee, ensuring every cup meets our high standards of quality

and customer care.

[Customers experiencing authentic Japanese cafe culture at Ogawa Coffee]

What are the benefits and challenges of working in the U.S.?

Expanding to the U.S., specifically in Boston, has allowed us to immerse ourselves in

American coffee culture, enriching our coffee production and exploring new possibilities.

While this presents the opportunity for cultural exchange and learning, navigating the

diverse market preferences and establishing our brand in a competitive landscape are

among the challenges we face.

What is your favorite thing about Boston?

Our favorite aspect of Boston is its vibrant culture and history, which resonates with

our values of tradition and innovation. The city's appreciation for quality and craftsmanship

in coffee makes Boston an ideal place for Ogawa Coffee to share our Japanese coffee

culture and dedication to excellence.

[Ogawa Coffee's Boston location shows a fresh and relaxing interior]

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